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Computuners takes the necessary steps to ensure that your data is backed up properly, whether it’s a failing hard drive, a corrupt operating system, a computer that no longer functions, a replacement computer, or moving and organizing data from multiple drives into one.


Prior to a data backup, all hard drives receive a free diagnosis including a hard drive health test to determine if your hard drive is due to fail. This helps us proceed with properly performing the backup as a failing hard drive must be handled carefully.


Documents, photos, videos, and music are just some of the essential file types we handle daily. Ensure your data is backed up properly, come in for a free diagnosis and estimate.



A data recovery may be necessary if a hard drive has failed to the point where data can not easily be extracted from it. Computuners specializes in data recovery to get data off of hard drives that ask to be formatted, external hard drive enclosures that have failed, or in some cases hard drives that are clicking.



Computuners has partnered with iDrive to provide a secure and automated backup solution for all of your files.


With iDrive we are able to setup an automated backup as well as assist with management of the backups that are performed. If a backup has not been completed successfully we will notify you and make sure it gets resolved.


Instead of constantly updating and checking backups on flash drives, external hard drives, and multiple other venues of backup, we also provide unlimited storage so you never have to worry about running out of space!


You can check the status of your backups at any time. Your files are backed up automatically and can be securely accessed from another device.


Inevitably hard drives fail, viruses attack, and laptops get dropped. Do not lose your important documents, timeless photos, and other important data. Sign up for iDrive through Computuners and never worry about performing a backup again.


Plans start at only $69/year!

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