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Computuners caters to every businesses IT demands.


We provide unparalleled IT services whether your business requires hardware or network upgrades, has software issues, backup and security concerns, or the need for knowledgeable support.


Optimize your businesses workflow and increase productivity. Schedule a free on-site consultation so we can review your current environment and make necessary recommendations.



Our remote access solutions allow you and your employees the ability to login securely and work from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Even while on-the-go, you can pull up an important document, respond to a meeting invitation, upload a customer to a database for your employees to work with, and even print a file directly to your office printer. We make it easy to access your business without physically being there!


Dedicated Server


Amazon EC2




We can configure any device, whether it is your home computer, personal laptop, and even your smartphone or tablet to securely jump into your workplace.



Data is the most crucial aspect of every business especially when dealing with customer information, e-mail, QuickBooks and other accounting databases, or important business documents and files being updated on a daily basis.


Dedicated Server






Our data solutions focus on security and redundancy to provide seamless uptime and data backups which allow your business to be prepared in case of data loss.



Computuners provides on-site and remote support for your business.


We can securely login to your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to assist you with any issues you are having.


If we are not able to resolve the issue remotely, we will dispatch a dedicated Computuner to your business for assistance.

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