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A Computune is our user-friendly setup of your computer.


Instead of each application having its own tedious update notification, we have configured priority updates to be handled automatically. No more browser plug-in updates, intrusive Windows updates, or annoying popups.


Our setup handles maintenance procedures seamlessly without the need for virus scanning, defragmenting, or having to clean temporary files so you can enjoy using your computer. Usually when you bring your computer to get serviced anywhere else, after a couple of months it is back to where it was. Our setup ensures your computer will run optimally the first time and stay that way.


Instead of the usual resource hogging antiviruses that do nothing except prompt you to renew your license, update your definitions, and run a virus scan, our setup comes with a built-in antivirus that automatically updates and scans itself!


When you purchase a computer from a name brand it comes with unnecessary applications that run in the background that you will never use, outdated drivers, as well as free trials. After a couple of weeks your computer is unenjoyable to use. When you get a Computune, you get essential document processing, music, photo, and video applications, not a bunch of bloatware.


When you call Computuners, you speak to a Computuner! We are open 7 days a week and pride ourselves in providing the best remote support technicians in-house. No matter where you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, we can securely access your computer to install a printer, resolve problems with applications, or assist with whatever issue it is that you are having.


The Computune is available for all operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. No matter if we optimize your existing computer, or you purchase a one from us, our setup is the same on every device, no matter what brand or model.


Whether it’s Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, our setup defaults to a familiar desktop and Start menu so there is no learning curve, rather than a bunch of colored tiles and confusing interfaces.


With Mac and our latest setup your computer takes advantage of the hardware with our background tweaks integrated into Mac and increases security as Apple has been the target of browser hijacks and malware.


For mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, our setup not only disables unwanted preloaded apps, but increases security, storage, battery life, and usability.


The Computune is configured to only open what you choose to open, rather than a bunch of useless applications, updaters, virus scanners, and annoying maintenance procedures. This all attributes towards providing a secure, maintenance-free, user-friendly setup. Plus, if you ever need help, we can jump right in.


You can now enjoy using your computer!

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